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​Drop Off Wash & Load Laundry Service in Evans, CO

Evans Express Laundry has the top drop off laundry service in Evans, CO. Just drop off laundry and we'll wash and fold it for you. We charge $1.50 a pound for next day fluff and fold service. There is a minimum order of $15.00. If you need same day wash & fold laundry service, Evans Express Laundry charges $1.75 a pound. We text you when your drop off laundry order is complete.

We charge by the piece rather than by the pound for comforters.  All comforters are $20.00.

Wash &
Fold (Next-Day)
Per Pound

**$15 Minimum Order

Wash &
Fold (Same-Day)
Per Pound

**$15 Minimum Order

Individually Priced Items

  • Comforters (All Sizes) $20.00

Evans Express Laundry uses a high-grade commercial detergent and softener that really leaves your clothes clean and soft.

In addition, our laundry is one of a very few laundromats that has an Ozone laundry system.  Ozone works best in COLD water.  It increases textile life, but most importantly, Ozone kills 99.9% of the bacteria and viruses that may be in your clothes.  It sanitizes the washing machine too so you don't have to worry about the clothing that was in the washing machine before yours.  Not only will your clothes be cleaner, they will not fade and will last longer because they are washed in cold water.

Evans Express Laundry does an outstanding job of washing and folding your clothes using high-grade detergents, softeners and Ozone! Nobody else can match this service.